Class Dojo



    I acknowledge that my students are five and six years old!  They are here to learn, not just academically, but socially, emotionally and behaviorally also.  We (the teacher and parents) are advocates for the child, all of our actions are in the best interest of the child. 

    Every individual in our classroom will be treated with respect.  Students who are treated with respect will be happier and want to do well in school.   

    Our classroom will be using class Dojo points as our behavior management plan.   

    During the first weeks of school, we discuss in great detail what it means to show respect and to try your best.  Please assist me in reinforcing at home the importance of good behavior at school.  DOJO points are earned for positive behaviors observed in the classroom and throughout the school by all school employees.  Students are rewarded through a prize selection for every 10 DOJO points earned.  The amount of points needed before reward will grow each nine weeks. 

    When positive acknowledgement is not enough to encourage good behavior other measures are taken.  A neutral (Yellow) Dojo will be given if necessary.  These Dojo's do not take away positive points, they just let the student and the parent know that unacceptable behavior has occured.  If these yellow Dojo points are effective then no further action is necessary.  If a yellow Dojo does not solve the issue, or the issue continues to occur regularly, then the school's discipline plan will be followed.  This plan can be found on the school website.