Hurricane Florence Building Air Quality Testing

  • Beginning Thursday, September 13, 2018, effects from Hurricane Florence began to be felt across Onslow County. For three days, the storm lashed Onslow County bringing devastation in our community. OCS experienced significant levels of damage with major damage at 10 schools and varying levels of damage at each of our other instructional sites across the district. Due to a buildup of humidity and prolonged time without power, environmental conditions in our schools were favorable for the development of microbial growth (also known as mold). Distrct staff worked quickly to begin the process of drying out our schools. However, for some of our sites, the damage and time without power required more extensive drying and remediation. To ensure our schools are safe and the air quality acceptable for staff and students, OCS has been working with industrial hygienists who have employed a process of air quality testing, restoration and remediation of issues encountered as a result of the tests. The results of these tests from each of our sites will be posted on this page to inform parents regarding the work which has been done to restore our schools to normal operation for our students.

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