• Hi Everyone! 

    My vision for the classroom is to have a group of students work together in an environment that is safe, encouraging, and positive; where creativity is encouraged, caring is modeled, and teamwork is demonstrated; where students come into class wanting and leaving fulfilled and can't wait to return; where they treat each other with respect and depend on each other in order to succeed; where they are all willing to TRY, and TRY, and TRY again so they can do the best they can do; where they are not afraid to ask for help and expect it, both from their peers and from the teacher; and where they will be able to strengthen their positive self concept and feel good about themselves.

    It is my goal to teach my students as many games, activities and information as humanly possible so they will grow up to live a happy, healthy life.

    Just a reminder, please make sure your child has the correct shoes/clothing for class.  I understand the rotation is every 7 days and it may be difficult to remember what day it is, but it is very important for the safety of your child. 

    If you don't remember what day your child has Health/Physical Education, you can go to the class schedule tab and check there.