Informational Studies

In October We are Learning.....

  • This class is designed to teach research skills. We will cover the basic BIG 6 research process.  Along the way we will refine the use of this process and expectations will rise.  Right now they are learning about the process and the steps to take when researching.  They will learn digital citizenship that refers to online posting in a comment section and online in general.  They will also learn how to find credible resources. 


    Novel Engineering is a Project based on a novel that we are reading.  Right now we are reading "HOOT".  When we finish reading this novel they will decide on a solution in the story and design something that would have made a characters life better.  We will be reading the book througout the next few months.  I will send home information when the book has been completed to inform you of hte project.  


    PLease e-mail me with any questions or concerns.