Ms. Scott’s Class Behavior Policy

    In order to have a safe and successful classroom, our students need to learn how to show respect and responsibility for themselves, their classroom, and our school. Our school and classroom rules help us to achieve an orderly classroom filled with learning. Each child has the ability to make good decisions. As Kindergarten teachers, we help teach children to think and to make good decisions. Good decisions are based on what is safe, kind, responsible, and respectful. We are here to learn, and no one has the right to disrupt another’s learning. Our discipline policy is designed to create and maintain an environment that allows everyone to be successful and learn.


    Both students and classes can earn Mustang PRIDE horseshoes throughout the month. They earn horseshoes by being positively noticed around the school. The class with the most horseshoes will win a prize at the end of the month.

    Behavior “Point Chart”

    Our class will use a number-based behavior system that follows the school-wide PBIS system. PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports and is our school-wide program to help students learn and display positive behavior within the school setting.

    Students will start with 2 PBIS points each day. Going home with 2 PBIS points is the expected outcome. Going home with 3 PBIS points means that they had an exceptionally wonderful day and going home with 1 PBIS point means that they struggled to follow classroom rules. Going home with 0 PBIS points means that they had a very tough day and I will call you for a phone conference in order for us to work together for the best interest of the student’s success. Going home with 0 PBIS points may also result in an office write-up depending on the severity of their actions. If a student must lose PBIS points, they will have the opportunity to earn them back throughout the day. A weekly behavior chart will be in each child’s folder for parents to monitor student’s PBIS points each day, please be sure to check this calendar in their folders daily and initial. If students do not have at least 2 PBIS points at the end of each day, I will always send you a note or write you a message on Dojo to describe how their day went, for you to discuss this with your student.

    At the end of every 9 weeks a behavior celebration (PBIS celebration) is planned. Students can earn the chance to go by maintaining at least 2 PBIS points or higher for 90% of the month. (Office referrals may prevent a student from attending the positive behavior celebration regardless of how many PBIS points that they have.) There will be school-wide PBIS incentives. Students who do not attend the PBIS celebration will stay with a teacher to review rules and procedures. We will keep track of PBIS points on their monthly behavior calendar in their blue take home folders. Below is a description of each PBIS point value:

    3 PBIS points-A student who has ended their day on Blue has listened, demonstrated kindness and consideration to peers, followed all class rules and went above and beyond throughout the day. 

    2 PBIS points- The student has actively listened and participated in class most of the time, gave best effort all day, completed all work on time for the day and followed the classroom rules most of the time.

    1 PBIS point- Student actively listened and participated in some of the time, gave best effort some of the time, got some work done on time and followed classroom rules some of the time.

    0 PBIS points-Student had a hard time listening and participating today, didn’t give best effort, had a hard time getting work done and had a hard time following classroom rules.

    In addition, we also have the following whole group incentives:

    We earn class Dojo points for compliments from other teachers, & excellent choices in the classroom. When they earn a certain number of points as a class we vote on a small reward (popsicles, extra GoNoodle time, etc.)

    Classroom Wide

    Our classroom rules

    • Follow directions quickly (quickly do what the teacher asks)
    • Raise your hand to talk  
    • Use inside voices
    • Make smart choices (sharing, no classroom disruptions, active participation, keeping hands to self, using manners)
    • Keep your dear teacher happy 😊 (follow the previous 5 rules!)
    • Respect other people’s mask choices and allow personal space


    Students who follow the rules and exhibit good behavior will be rewarded with Dojo points. Students have the opportunity to earn many rewards throughout the school day. These rewards vary from silent cheers, patting themselves on the back, stickers, and many others. We like to acknowledge when our students make good decisions. At the end of the week your child will have the opportunity to visit the treasure box if they have earned at least 10 points.

    Minor behaviors will result in loss of Dojo points which may lead to a loss of PBIS points at the end of the day.

    The following is a list of minor behaviors: 

    • Not listening (not following directions such as “sitting in seat, raising hand, noncompliance etc.)
    • Unsafe Body (Physical Contact- this could include playing with another student’s hair or touching another student in a nonviolent way)
    • Inappropriate Comments/Expressions/Gestures
    • Off task--(Minor Disruptions of Instruction or School Activity such as (talking, crying, refusing to do work)
    • Unkind words


    Minor behaviors may result in a loss of points or in natural consequences.  When a student misbehaves, I chat with them about their actions. We will discuss how each behavior affects others in the classroom. *Natural Consequences: (ex: make a mess-clean it up, not playing nicely-time away from the activity, incomplete classwork-completing it at home)

    Dojo Points:

    We use Class Dojo as a classroom-wide incentive system to help support our school-wide PBIS model. You will be able to keep up with your student’s Class Dojo points daily by checking the Class Dojo App. Class Dojo points may also be used to determine how many PBIS points a student goes home with towards attending the PBIS celebration and gives parents a quick idea of what areas students did well or struggled with throughout the day. Class Dojo is our primary form of communication between teacher and parent. If a student must work from home due to COVID-19, quarantine, etc. Class Dojo will be the main platform to submit work. Keeping up to date with Class Dojo will ensure that you have all up to date information for your child to be successful.



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