Behavior Policy

  • Students will be held accountable for their behaviors in the classroom.  We use First/Then charts regularly and breaks are given in between tasks.  Task avoidance behaviors are handled using differential reinforcement and escape extinction (meaning they are not allowed to get out of the task given).  Continuous negative behaviors lead to a loss of privileges such as lunch or recess with their general education class (they will have lunch and recess with our class) and free time at the end of the day.  Please keep in mind they have plenty of opportunities to earn all of their privileges back by following the rules and completing their assigned tasks.  We will be using Classroom Jobs as well to help teach the students about responsibilities and connecting with the real world.  This means that your child will be asked to use baby wipes and a broom to clean up after themselves.  I highly recommend that you give chores for your children to complete on a weekly basis, such as: cleaning their own room or loading the dishwasher.  We have a custodian to complete the cleaning and maintain sanitized areas, but this is a great way to help our students understand the responsibilities and roles of being a citizen in the community.

Grading Policy

  • I expect all of my students to give 100% effort to all the work that is completed.  Lack of effort is factored into each grade.  Each blank on a worksheet is worth one point.  How many blanks on the paper is how many points the assignment is worth total.  They lose all points if they refuse up to 3 times to try it independently first and will only earn half credit after it is completed.  Once the assignment is complete, it is graded based upon their answers.  They will make corrections on all mistakes and earn half a point back for each correction.  That will be their final grade on their paper.  The grading point scale is below:

    A   90-100

    B   80-89

    C   70-79

    D   60-69

    F   59 and below

Snacks and Birthdays

  • Learning stops when a child is hungry, so I have snack time daily (times vary depending on the schedule and can happen more than once). Please send a snack for your child to eat and water or juice for your child to drink in class.   We do ask that you do not send in soda, candy, cookies, or cakes to help avoid sugar rushes.  Thank you!  

    We love to celebrate birthdays! Feel free to send in a treat on your child's birthday. We celebrate birthdays during our free time (3:00-3:25 pm). Please check in with me for our class size, as it could change throughout the school year (right now we have 6). Summer birthday? Feel free to send treats for a celebration during the last week of school!

Supply List

  • Book Bag

    1 Composition Notebook

    1 Digital Timer

    3 Boxes of Tissues

    3 Packages of Baby Wipes

    2 Packs of thin BLACK Dry Erase Markers

    1 Full Set of Clothes to include Socks, Underwear, and Shoes-this will remain in their bookbags (please change out as the season changes)