• Mrs. Godwin's February Newsletter


    Home Connection/Project:   

    We will be setting up a Classroom Post Office beginning February 11th.  Students will be allowed to bring in and deliver Valentines for their classmates.

    We are asking that you help your child decorate their very own mailbox to bring in on Tuesday, February 11th.  Please do not send in the box any earlier.  You can use a large shoebox, gift box, cereal box or anything else you can recycle and use!  In the past, I have had students build a rocket ship mailbox out of a 2 liter soda bottle and castle mailboxes by stacking and attaching more than one box together!   Your child can decorate it any way they like!  Be creative!   Using wrapping paper to cover the box is a good beginning and then add festive decorations.  If you cannot put your hands on a box, then a large gift bag can be decorated and sent in as well.  A class list of names is attached to this newsletter. 

    Thursday, February 6th is the 100th Day of School!  - Please remember to send in your child’s 100 Day Project, so they can display them in the hallway and present them to their classmates.  We are also dressing up like we are 100 years old on this day and having a Kindergarten Parade!  The parade will begin at 9:00 am.  If you would like to come watch and take pictures, feel free to do so!  The students will make a special 100 Day snack in the afternoon. I have created a sign up on Signup.com.  If you can help with sending in some of these items, please go to the website and choose an item.  I will email you the quick link.

    Friday, February 7th is our Chinese New Year’s Parade! - We will attend a special Chinese New Year’s Parade, which will be presented by our upper grade students and Dixon High School’s Marching Band.  We will be celebrating The Year of the Rat! The parade will take place at the front of the school building at 10:00 am.  You are more than welcome to come and join in on the fun!   

    Friday, February 14th at 12:30 pm“Qu” Wedding and Valentine’s Day Wedding Reception- Love is in the air!  I have attached an invitation for you to join us for our special ceremony, which will join “Q” and “U” in alphabetic matrimony! J   This is an event I have done for many years now and helps students always remember that these two letters stay together in words beginning with “Q”.  I will be sending out a Signup.com to get help with the wedding reception, which will follow the ceremony.  I would like for each student to wear their “Sunday Best” on this day, since it is a formal event.  Along with this being a phonics lesson, it is also an opportunity to teach them etiquette and how to behave at social functions.  It is soooo much fun!!!!  Students will be opening their Valentine’s Day Cards at the reception!


    Now for the nuts and bolts of the month…

    Units of Focus: Groundhog Day/Solar System, Chinese New Year, President’s Day and American Symbols, Valentine’s Day, Mail and Communication, Dental Health

    Reading Focus:  Students need to build confidence in using their sounds and sight words when reading unknown text and be able to make connections to their reading. That will be our focus during Reading Groups.  You can support this learning at home by using the Baggie Books we send home each week.  Remember:   

    • Books – Focus on 1 book per night. Read that particular book at least 2 times before using question stems to help them recall facts.
    • Question Stems to help you guide your child with answering questions about character, setting, main idea and story retell (non-fiction and fiction).
    • Reading Passages with Questions – Use their journal for them to record responses.

    Math Focus:  Counting to 75 from 1, Counting to 25 starting with a random number, number formation, counting sets, sorting by color/shape/size/object, recognition of basic shapes and being able to explain HOW they know it is that shape (Square - has 4 equal sides and 4 vertices, Circle – has no sides and no vertices, etc.)  It is important that they begin to use the correct language when describing the shapes.  3D Shapes (Cone, Sphere, Cube, Cylinder), Subitizing (can look at a set and know how many without counting), different ways to represent a number, basic addition with answers up to 10 and subtraction.  We will be doing lots of word problems and will be helping students recognize key words within the problem to help them know which operation to use when solving the problem.   We will also break down problems and continue to investigate the concept of Part/Part/Whole.  (ie.  5 + ? = 10)

    Writing Focus – We will begin “Opinion Writing” and will continue to help students learn how to put their thoughts down on paper.  This type of writing really focuses on the key word of “because” when forming their sentences.  For example, I may ask them, “In your opinion, which super hero is the best?”  Their response should tell me their answer, but also tell me why they feel that way.  (I think Superman is the best super hero because he can fly and has x-ray vision.) Remember, we are encouraging students to use their sounds to write unknown words. 

    Social Studies - Famous Americans/Global Connections– We will learn that America’s past and present is full of incredible people.  We will read about their lives and learn how they impact us today.  We are learning how to read maps and globes. We will identify water and land (7 continents and individual states) on maps.   We are also making global connections by learning more about our assigned country of Costa Rica for our global field day to be celebrated in the Spring. 

    Sight Words – Continue to review ALL sight words!!!  Many students have forgotten words that they knew before Christmas.  Constant review helps them to retain their words.  Always, start back with List 1 and review up to the list you are currently working on. 

    Box Tops for Education:  Thanks to everyone who has sent in BoxTops for Education and Dimes for our school!  Please continue to collect them, so we you will have them ready to go for the next collection period.

    Dates of Importance:

    Feb 5 – 100 Day Projects Due

    Feb 6 – 100th Day (Dress like you are 100 years old!)

    Feb 7 – Chinese New Year’s Parade 10am

    Feb 11– Valentine’s Day Boxes Due!!!!

    Feb 13 – Kindergarten Fundraiser with Papa John’s Pizza (Heart Shaped Pizzas)

    Feb 13 – Early Dismissal (12:25 Car/1:00 Bus)

    Feb 14 - Bulldog Breakfast 7:30 am

    Feb 14 – “Qu” Wedding and Reception/Valentine’s Day Celebration 12:30 pm/Gym

    Feb 17– President’s Day/Teacher Workday – NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS!