• Rules:

    Listen to instructions

    Enter and exit quietly, and prepared.

    Always try our best

    Respect ourselves and others.

    No excuses



    Class Dojo-An individual reward system where students can earn points for positive behavior. Students can use these points to attend school behavior celebrationsn at the end of the month.

    Edward’s Dollar- This is an initiative where students can always earn a reward for positive behavior and working collaboratively/ independently. Students may use this money to purchase simple tokens.



    Students will receive an agenda that needs to be checked nightly. This will be a great communication tool between home and school. The agenda will be used for notes and students will write their weekly spelling words in their agenda as well. Another great communication tool will be our class page on the Carolina Forest webpage. There will be a weekly update on my webpage, informing you of what we are learning that week as well as important dates. My email is always a great communication tool.

      Reminders will be sent home via the school's email and it will be a great tool to keep up to date on your child’s behavior. My email address is carvalee.edwards@onslow.k12.nc.us 


    Food & Drinks:

    Students are allowed and encouraged to bring reusable water bottles to class. ONLY WATER will be allowed to be consumed in the classroom. We have snack every day after recess around 2:00pm. Please only send in healthy snacks.



    Your child is expected to master the third grade curriculum in order to prepare them for the state mandated end-of-grade assessment and to meet standards for promotion to fourth grade. Below is a list of the topics taught in each subject area:

    Math- fractions, geometry, number sense, patterns, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, measurement, time, and data

    Reading- sequence, cause and effect, main idea, point of view, inferencing, drawing conclusions, and figurative language

    Writing- narrative, informational, and persuasive writing using the writing process. (rough draft, edit, revise, publish)

    Science- force/motion, matter, energy, solar system, human body, and ecosystems

    Social Studies- history, cultures, economics, and geography


    Specials Rotation




    Every student in third grade will receive a laptop assigned to them for the school year. Once they are assigned to students, it is their responsibility to properly care for the laptop and abide by CFIE/Onslow County Schools' policies when using the laptops both at school and at home. Students are expected to bring their laptop to school EVERY DAY WITH A FULL CHARGE, as we will be using the laptops very frequently during class. They will not be permitted to charge their laptop at school and will keep their charger at home. Students who do not bring their laptop to school or bring it without a full charge will be considered unprepared for class.


    Parents can sign up at the office to access grades on parent portal. I highly encourage you to obtain access to Parent Portal to monitor your child's success and to see individual assignment grades for each subject.

    100-90 A (on grade level)

    89-80 B (on grade level)

    79-70 C (on grade level)

    69-60 D (below grade level)

    59 or below F (below grade level)


    The following is a breakdown of percentage for each subject area:


    Quizzes/Tests (60%)                                          

    Classwork (40%)  

    Word Study

    Quizzes/Tests (60%)                                          

    Classwork (40%)                              


    Quizzes/Tests (50%)                                        

    Classwork (40%)                                                

    Homework (10%)                                      


    Grades will be an average of

    graded writing products 

    Science/Social Studies

    Quizzes/Tests (50%)

    Classwork (40%)

    Projects (10%)