• Classroom Materials 

    • Playing Face Mask (optional for students - COVID-19)
    • Bell Cover for their instrument (optional for students - COVID-19)
    • Standard of Excellence Book 3 - Green Book (Required Method Book - Available through Fuller's Music)
    • Instrument & Supplies (reeds, valve oil, slide grease, mutes, mallets/sticks, etc.) 
    • 3-Ring Binder 
    • Pencil / Eraser 
    • Metronome/Tuner (optional)



    Woodwind students will need to purchase reeds as they need them. Below is the list of instruments and their prices: 

    • Oboe / Bassoon - $5.00 
    • Clarinet / Alto Sax - $1.00 
    • Bass Clarinet/ Tenor Sax - $2.00 
    • Baritone Sax/Contra-Bass Clarinet - $2.00 

    When students decide to purchase a reed, payment is due at the time of the transaction. Students are welcome to purchase reeds on their own. It is suggested, to ask the director for recommendations on reeds before purchasing. Some brands or reeds are made for quantity instead of quality. 


    Check out our "Shop by School" option available on Fuller's Music's website.