• Rehearsal Expectations 

    • Adhere to the Southwest High School Student Handbook and OCS Code of Conduct  
    • You need to be seated with instrument and all music ready for downbeat (5 minutes after the Tardy Bell)
      • Students will be allowed to use restroom and other needs after warm up is done. 
    • Be present at all rehearsals unless you are physically unable to do so 
    • Leave bookbags and cases against the wall 
    • Be prepared (this includes having all materials for rehearsal and non-rehearsal days) 
    • Raise your hand and be acknowledged before speaking 
    • Gum, food, and beverages are strictly prohibited in this classroom (water in a closed container is allowed) 
    • Respect the 3 P’s: People, Places, Property 

     When expectations are not met the following actions will occur: 

    • Verbal Warning
    • Parent Contact
    • Office Referral and Parent Contact
    • Office Referral and Parent Conference 

     Attendance Policy 

    According to the Onslow County Schools Attendance Policy students with more than 10 unexcused absences will receive a failing grade of "FF." Please take the time to read and comprehend the attendance procedures provided in the Southwest High School Student Handbook.  3 Tardies can be equivalent to an absence.