• Students will be involved in performances provided by our school, community, and region. SWO Concert Bands will participate in the following activities this upcoming year:


    Fall Semester

    Spring Semester

    Fall Concert - November 3rd

    Pre MPA - March 2nd

    Winter Concert - December 13th 

    Solo and Ensemble - May 14th 


    Spring Concert – May 25th


    Attendance for these events and performances are mandatory and count for 40% of the grade. Students are required to stay for the full duration of the event. Concerts are the result of weeks of hard work and gained musical knowledge. Should there be an emergency that prevents the student from performing, a notification must be given by the parent/guardian to the band director by email or phone (word of mouth and written notes will not be accepted). An alternative assignment must be completed to receive a grade for the missed performance. It is the student’s responsibility to turn in the assignment. 


    Concert Attire for all students, unless specified by the director, is as follows:


    Concert Attire (Males)

    ·         White, long sleeve, button down shirt with collar

    ·         Black bowtie

    ·         Black dress pants

    ·         Black Belt

    ·         Black socks

    ·         Black dress shoes

    Concert Attire (Females)

    ·         Black floor length dress or pants suit

    ·         Black tops must have sleeves and cover chest

    ·         Black dress heels or flats

    ·         No gaudy jewelry