• Grading Procedures: Periods G4/G5/G6 


    • Performances (equivalent to tests) – 35%
      • All students in the ensemble must be present for scheduled rehearsals and performances. Should there be an occasion where a conflict prevents a student from rehearsing or performing, the parent must provide an Absence Request Form TWO WEEKS PRIOR.


      •  It is highly recommended that students work around the schedule because the performance is the assessment and application of their skills. A schedule has been attached for all rehearsals and performances this semester. Please keep in mind that some dates could change depending on the arrangement of certain activities and weather. If illness occurs, parents should contact the director.  Notes other than the Absence Request Form will not be accepted.


      • Concerts
        • Concert #1 – March 2nd – 6:30PM – Pre-MPA Concert
        • Concert #2 – May 26th – 7:00pm – Spring Concert and Awards Night


    • Ensemble Etiquette 25%
      • Students must actively participate in each class by playing their instrument.
      • An alternative assignment must be completed to receive credit for that day.


    • Etudes/Excerpts (equivalent to tests) – 15%
      • Students will be given etudes and excerpts that help teach the music we are learning during the semester. Students will be working on these to improve their finger dexterity, speed, rhythm, articulation, and theory (all percussionists will perform these on mallets or their assigned percussion instrument for the piece).


    • Scales/Rudiments (equivalent to quizzes) – 15%
      • All students will be given the all-state honors band scale requirements. The students will be working on these to improve their finger dexterity, speed, rhythm, articulation, and theory of music (all percussionists will perform these on mallets). Percussionists will also be learning rudiments as well.





    Pass Off Criteria


    Band Intermediate



    & Chromatic

    Quarter Note = 64

    All District Format

    Tongued & Slurred


    Band Proficient

    *All District 11/12 Scale Sheet

    A, E, B, Gb Scales/Arpeggios


    Quarter Note = 68          

    All District Format

    Tongued & Slurred



    Band Advanced

    All 12 Major Scales/Arpeggios

    Natural Minor Scales


    Quarter Note = 72

    All District Format

    Tongued & Slurred


    * Indicates Honors Level Requirement – Students must complete to receive Honors Credit


    • Written Assignments (equivalent to Classwork and Homework) – 10%
      • Written assignments are included in this category because they are used to evaluate and apply musical literacy and contextual relevancy.



    Final Exam: F1

    Performance and Theory Exam 25%

      • The final shall consist of two components: 1) Performance Etude, which allows the student to demonstrate all skills learned in the course, and 2) Theory Exam, which allows the student to demonstrate their knowledge of music notation and comprehension.


    Late Assignments

                All late assignments will be graded and then 10 points is deducted for each day it is late.



     Upper-Level Considerations

                At the end of the semester, students will be asked to demonstrate materials learned through a Performance Jury. The requirements for the juries will be listed according to their course level. This will count as their final exam. Should a student wish to progress to an upper level of the course (for example, intermediate to proficient), it must be indicated before their final with Mr. Barton. The student must pass with an 85% or higher to be considered for a higher placement.



    Alternative/Make-up Assignments

                To make up for a missed performance, the student must complete one of the following assignments. The creation of these assignments was based upon the percentage of a performance, in determining a student’s grade, and the amount of time involved in a performance. Remember, performances are 40% (almost half) of a student’s grade and can last 4-12 hours, from the time of arrival to departure, depending on the type of performance (i.e. football game, parade, competition).


    1. Choose an instrument from the concert band and discuss its creation, history, famous artists, etc.
    2. Choose a composer from music history and discuss their life, education, compositional genres, notable works, important musical accomplishments, etc.
    3. Choose one of the following continents: Asia, South America, Africa, or Australia. Discuss the styles of music, instruments, artists, and cultural influences on music specific to that region.
    4. Choose a genre of music and discuss its origins, evolution, musical characteristics, artist, etc.
    5. Choose one artist from a particular genre and discuss their life, education, compositional genres, notable works, important musical accomplishments, etc.


    Essays can be written (8 pages in length) or typed (4 pages double spaced). If typed the paper must be Times New Roman and 12-point font. Essays are due 1 week after the excused date (unless the director has given permission to extend the due date).