• Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year at Northwoods Elementary School. 


    Dear Parents, 

    Welcome to Northwoods Elementary School for the year 2019-2020.  It is going to be an exciting year in music.  Last year, the children began reading music, participated in grade level performances, those in fourth and fifth grade learned to play the recorder.  We will continue to build upon those reading skills, playing musical instruments and developing their beautiful voices.   

    Each grade will have an opportunity to be in a celebratory performance this year.  Our sessions are nine-weeks and at the end of each of these sessions there will be a performance.  Some performances will be in conjunction with our LAMP Night which highlights the Book Fair hosted by Mr. Maxwell, Art projects and activities hosted by Mrs. Cherubini and Mr. Laspada bringing his talents with PE activities.  LAMP Nights have been a great success this past year.  I hope you will make plans to come participate in the evening and cheer your children on as they learn to perform in front of an audience.  The dates for these performances will be on the website very soon so that you can make plans to attend and be part of our family and community. 

    This past year, we had a great group of children participate in the Onslow County All-Honors Chorus.  These children were selected based upon the quality of their voice, the ability to memorize the music, their participation in their own music class and their behavior.  They worked very hard to accomplish and perform with over 150 other students at Northside High School.  These selected students look forward to participating in the middle school chorus and hopefully, be selected to participate not only in All-County, but move on to All-State Honors Chorus.  I look forward to selecting more students this year to participate in this prestigious chorus. 

    In looking at the year ahead for each grade level, the youngest of our children will begin to learn what the sound of their voice is and how it can be used.  They will learn the beginning elements of music and many songs.  As the children get older, the incorporation of reading and playing of instruments becomes part of their musical education.  As they begin to grow through music, they will learn about different types of music, composers, instruments of the orchestra and many songs to reflect different cultures, celebrations, styles and genres.  The fourth graders will have the opportunity to attend a concert presented by the NC symphony in the spring.   

    There are exciting developments in the world of technology awaiting the children this year on WAVE Day.  The children will be working together through LAMP (Media, Art, Music, and PE) to integrate technology as a unit.  Our first unit will be about becoming a Jr. Cardinal Role Model.  Media, Art, Music and PE will work together to help your children develop and learn what it takes to become a Jr. Cardinal role model. 

    I am looking forward to working with your children through the world of music.   


    Best wishes for a successful 2019-2020 year! 

    Mrs. Sharon Veitch (Music Teacher) 

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