• Prepare for Band Camp 2022

    Here are tips that will help you prepare for Band Camp 2022.


    1. Practice, Practice, PRACTICE!!!

    Practicing over the summer will help improve individual contribution to the music that we perform for the show. Certain music selections will be available during the summer so that you can already start practicing. Even when you don’t have access to the music you can be working on long tones, scales, rhythmic exercises, and lots more. Even playing your instrument just for fun should be included (maybe your favorite pep tune or etude). We recommend that you play or practice at least 30 minutes to an hour a day. Standing while playing will be beneficial for all marching winds, especially brass (you have to hold your instrument up A LOT!!!).



    1. Be Active

    It is very easy for us to just sit around because our brains and bodies are exhausted from school. However, we recommend that you have active fun. Active fun includes playing sports, going swimming, hiking, and anything that will get you moving. Non active fun, such as playing video games, watching movies/television, is recommended but you should consider keeping this minimal or lessen the amount. Try 1-2 hours of active fun and 30 minutes of non active fun. If you sit around and do nothing during the summer, you’ll have negative energy and a negative attitude during outside and inside rehearsals. Avoid extreme heat!


    Example Exercises to consider for shaping up for the marching band season. (You’ll see these at camp.)


    Core (Abdominals)


    Situps / Crunches

    Jumping Jacks

    Leg Lifts

    Running / Jogging

    Mountain Climbers

    Burpees (also for Core)



    Arms (Brass Players…hint hint)




    Pull Ups

    Calf Raises



    1. Eat Healthy

    Make sure you are eating right! Consider your intake of sugars, carbohydrates, fats, and other food that may be considered junk (notice how I didn’t say don’t eat junk food). Remember, you will not be able to go out during band camp to places like Cookout, Burger King, and Bojangles. I guarantee you, if you eat junk food all summer when you are out in the sun, you will get sick. Be conscious about what you are putting into your body. Drink plenty of water and healthy liquids as well. Eating breakfast in the morning is a must because we are outside and active in the mornings.