Strategic Problem Solving Through Chess

Onslow County Schools' students playing chess at the 2019 district tournament
  • For approximately 20 years Onslow County Schools Gifted Services has welcomed all students to learn through chess.  Utilizing a variety of instructional resources, including Michael Kusen's chess for kids materials, gifted specialists and teachers provide instruction as early as second grade.  According to ichess there are at least five powerful reasons to learn through chess:

    1) Chess Pumps Up Brain Power
    2) Chess Improves Social Skills
    3) Chess Improves Strategical Thinking
    4) Chess Is A Sport
    5) Chess Helps You Concentrate

    When our students are asked what they like about chess we hear many of the same messages.  Beginner, intermediate, or advanced, there is always more to learn.

  • Be a part of our OCS Chess Community!
    You can participate in our Virtual Chess Tournaments and have a great time in a fun virtual chess competition! AIG specialists at your school can help you get registered at or you can visit the site and make an account.  Information on upcoming tournaments will be made available in time for you to sign-up!

  • Traditionally, each Spring, Gifted Services sponsors a face-to-face chess tournament for students to showcase their chess abilities and to learn from one another.