Creating Analogies

OCS Common Instructional Framework

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  • As stated in Tools for Classroom Instruction That Works (McREL, 2018), analogies are another way to, "engage students in making conceptual, rather than literal, comparisons. The difference is that an analogy compares two pairs of items and focuses students' attention on the relationship between the items in each pair." By having students create analogies in the classroom, we can help them process and learn content more efficiently. (McREL, 2012)


Evidence of Implementation

  • According to the second edition of Classroom Instruction That Works (McREL, 2012), students are able to effectively create analogies when they can:

    1. Identify how two elements in the first pair are related.
    2. State the relationship in a general way.
    3. Identify another pair of elements that share a similar relationship.