Assigning Homework and Providing Practice

OCS Instructional Framework

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  •  Assigning Homework and Providing Practice extends learning opportunities for students to practice, review, and apply knowledge.  

    “Homework is an effective tool for increasing student achievement when used correctly. It should be assigned appropriately (not simply as a matter of routine), have a clear purpose, be designed so that students can reasonably complete it, and not be onerous to students or parents.” (Marzano Research, 2016)

    High Yield Instructional Strategies

    What the Research says:

    How it looks in the Classroom:

    Homework and practice

    (Yields a 28 percentile gain)

    Teachers should vary the amount of homework based on student grade level (less at the elementary level, more at the secondary level), keep parent involvement in homework to a minimum, state purpose, and, if assigned, should receive feedback.

    Retell, recite and review learning for the day at home, reflective journals, parents are informed of the goals and objectives, grade level teams plan together for homework distribution; planners; teacher email.

Evidence of Implementation

    • Students have designated time to practice skills.
    • Students are practicing in many different
      ways with rich feedback opportunities.

    • There is a clear purpose to the homework assignment.

    • Teacher is cueing for new learning.