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Explanation of Tools

    • Using the tool students create visual and linguistic representations of new learning. 
    • First, divide and present (or have students read) the content in meaningful chunks.
    • After each chunk of content is deliverered students stop and think about the key concepts/big ideas presented. 
    • Students create simple images depicting those "big ideas".
    • Students then partner, guess the meaning behind the images and explain the relationship between the images and new learning.
    • At this point students are ready to summarize their learning. 
    • As a class share ideas and check for meaning. Students adjust and elaborate on the notes that they caught. 
    • The process is continued until all of the content in the lesson has been delivered. 
    • After all chunks have been delivered "Assign a task that requires students to review, synthesize, and summarize the key ideas from their notes". (Tools for Classroom Instruction That Works, p. 134-135).