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  • I use a  Clip Chart and a simple form of classroom economy for my behavior system.  The students' clips will either be moved up or down, depending on how well they are following our classroom rules. If a student moves their clip down, they always have an opportunity to move their clip back up. It is a fluid chart. They will earn classroom money that they may use to go to our school store depending on their behavior during class.  I also teach not only from Sanford Harmony, Social Emotional curriculum, but I also use The Leader in Me®, by Steven Covey.  Students will earn rewards depending on how well they follow the 7 Habits for Happy Kids as well as following our School and Classroom Rules.

    My hope is to sign their student planner each day. If I do not, it means I ran out of time.
    If you ever have any questions or concerns, please contact me through Dojo.

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