Week 1 Announcements

  • Hello!


    Welcome to English III/Hons. III/Creative Writing


    My aim this year is to prepare you to become adaptive, innovative global citizens who are engaged as active learners and who are open to creating treasured experiences and building strong relationships as you prepare for college, work or skills training.


    Our Vision Statement is WE RISE: world experience, relationships, investment, support and engagement.


    Our Mission Statement is Invest in yourself; invest in each other; invest in our future.


    My classroom goal this year:


    "By the end of the semester (August-January), all of my students will demonstrate growth in ELA based on increasing their initial assessment scores in the following manner:


    Tier A - Students who scored between 0 and 59% will grow to a passing score of at least 60%


    Tier B - Students who scored 60% - 79% will increase their score by at least one letter grade.


    Tier C - Students who scored 80% - 89% will increase their score by one letter grade.


    Tier D - Students who scored 90% or above will be exposed to AP/Honors curriculum and maintain their "A" grade average.