School Supplies


    24 #2 mechanical pencils with erasers  

    3-hole canvas pencil pouch  

    Pencil box 

    Personal Whiteboard 

    2 boxes of colored pencils 

    1 box of markers 

    4 highlighters 

    8 glue sticks 

    2 packs of Expo markers 

    2 packs of 3x5 lined index cards 

    2 packs of 5x7 index cards 

    3 rolls of Scotch tape 

    2 each:  blue, black pens 

    1 binder (1-inch, 3-ring with clear view front and  

    two inside pockets) 

    6 composition books notebooks (no spiral please)  

    1 pack of sticky notes 

    Book bag with laptop section (no rolling ones please) 


    Choose one of the following please: hand sanitizer, Lysol spray or disinfectant wipes 

    Any donations of tissues and disinfectant wipes would be greatly appreciated.