• Happy first week of school!!! I am so excited to start this new school year, and I hope you are too! Below you will find your remote assignment for this week.


    "All About Me Bag"

    Fill a brown paper bag (normal lunch size brown bag) with four things you can use to tell the class about yourself. Only four things- no more, no less. ALL items have to fit in the bag. Decorate the bag if you would like. :) 

    In addition, on a separate sheet of paper, you will also write one paragraph for each item, describing what the item is, how it represents you or is important to you, etc. 

    Please bring your bag and your writing to class with you on your first day of school, and be ready to share!


    * Items will ONLY be touched by the student bringing them in. I will make sure bags stay at students' desks, and no items will be passed around. *