Picture of Sticks and Spoons Engagement Tool

Explanation of Tool

  • “Sticks and Spoons” is a process that can be used when students are working in groups to help ensure positive interdependence and individual accountability. Each group is assigned a color by placing a colored card (or paper with a color written on it) on the group's table. The teacher has a corresponding number of sticks with the same colors written on them. Students are then assigned numbers within the group 1 - 4 (the numbers can be varied based on the size of the group). The teacher has a corresponding number of spoons with the numbers written on them. To call on a student, the teacher draws a color stick to indicate which group is being called on and then draws a numbered spoon to determine which student will answer. The student in the group whose number matches the spoon will be required to answer. Please see the video under resources for further explanation. As an alternative to colors on the group tables and sticks, teachers can replace the colors with college names, cities, or other group names established by the teacher.