• White Oak High School Baseball Program Rules and Expectations

    These agreements and rules provide a clear understanding of the expectations that the coaches have for you as an athlete. Team objectives and goals are expected to be your highest priority (team over me). Respect, loyalty, and honesty to your teammates, coaches, and school staff is expected at all times. Punctuality is expected at all times and on all occasions. Baseball time is 15 minutes early. You are responsible for yourself and your actions.

    • Team members agree that they will…
    • Show up at practice on time and be self-motivated.
    • Follow instructions of the coaches to improve skills, talent, and become overall better athletes.
      Be teachable and coachable.
    • Show sportsmanship on and off the playing field.
    • Be accountable for their actions and choices, not blaming others or making excuses.
      Notify the coach immediately if they will be missing practice.
    • Always encourage teammates and recognize them of accomplishments.
    • Be a good example and role model to other participants, officials, fans, and fellow students.
      Take questions, complaints, or problems relating to the team to the coach immediately.
    • Persevere. Do the right thing, day after day.

      No jewelry at practice, during games, or at the DEWplex.
      No cell phones at practice, during games, or at the DEWplex.
      No food during games allowed in the dugout. (Bojangles, Subway, etc.)
      No tobacco products are permitted at any time. (Juul, vape, dip, etc.)
      Hustle at all times according to the coach’s definition of hustle, which is sprinting.
      Willingly and gladly play multiple positions when it is best for the team.
      Maintain a team first attitude.
      Do not use profanity on the field or while wearing WOHS Baseball gear.
      Be respectful of coaches, players, and parents.
      Do not argue with an umpire or show negative body language in reference to an umpire call.
      Do not throw equipment of any kind. (gloves, bats, helmets, etc.)
      Accept discipline or reprimands without “copping an attitude.”
      Attend all team practices unless previously excused by a coach.
      Never fight or argue with a teammate or opposing player.
      Stay out of detention.
      Do not use drugs or alcohol.
      Do not use performance enhancing drugs.
      Conduct yourself in a mature and professional manner while at away games and at food stops after away games.
      Be on time for all meetings, practices and games.
      No throwing in front of the dugout.
      Practice Expectations
      Practice will start at 3:00 unless notified by a coach of a change. This means 3:00 dressed and standing at the foul pole ready to start.
      All visits to the athletic trainer need to be done before warming up.
      Being in the trainer’s room is not an excuse to be late.
      Only coach approval for missing or being late to practice is acceptable.
      Practice attire is pants, belt, hat, shirt (sleeves when cold) tucked in, both cleats and turfs, and no red color or generals gear.

      Game Expectations

      JV is expected to get to the field directly following the release from school to ensure that the field is playable, and players have enough time to get warmed up.
      Varsity will start in the cage at 4:45.
      Team undershirts will be worn during warm-ups.
      JV players are required to help with field work/prep in between the JV and Varsity games during home games. A list will be made with your assignments to ensure this gets done in a timely fashion and the Varsity game will start on time.
      Varsity players are required to help with postgame clean up of the field.
      Gameday attire is pants (grey or white, with NO piping of any color), green belt (not black, yellow, etc.), team hat, team warm-up shirt, sleeves (when cold). If pants are worn at the knees, socks must be green, unless coach approved.

      1st offense – 2 laps with bat over head. If not completed to coaches liking laps will be added.
      2nd offense – Timed Fritter poles. Time is TBD.
      3rd offense – Team runs a mile while the offender watches.
      4th offense – Possible Removal from the team.
      If late on gameday you will be scratched from the starting lineup.

      Player Signature: __________________________________________________ Date: ___________

      Parent Signature: __________________________________________________ Date: ___________
      White Oak High School Baseball Parent Rules and Agreements

      White Oak is blessed to attract great players, parents, and coaches to our program. To build our reputation and to ensure a rewarding experience for everyone involved we are clear on the rules and procedures for this upcoming season.

      As a parent of a WOHS baseball player, I agree to
      Talk to the coaching staff only about your player and never about another player.
      Talk to the coaching staff about your player only in privacy and never immediately after a game.
      Not publicly participate in conversations with other parents that are negative toward other players, other parents, the program, or the coaching staff.
      Never publicly second guess and discuss coaching decisions with other parents or players.
      Not shout coaching tips (follow through, keep your hands back, etc.) to your son during a game.
      Not question umpire calls during the game where other people and umpires can hear you.
      Do not drop off baseball bags and equipment at the front office of the school.
      Do not bring drinks or snacks to players during games.
      Do not purposely sit within earshot of the dugout.
      Do not attempt to talk to coaches during the game unless it is an emergency.
      Do not “sit in” on team talks before or after the game unless invited by the coaching staff.
      Do not stand around the batting cage with team during pre-game hitting.
      No player or parent may throw BP or front toss in a cage without a coach present.
      Leave non baseball issues away from baseball.
      No coming around to bullpen area to pass Gatorades, food, etc.
      Only pass baseball related food (seeds, gum, Gatorades, etc.) over the fence by the on-deck circle.
      Be on time to pick up kids from practices and games.
      Must have signed release paper from parent to omit player from riding the bus back from away games. JV players may want to do this.
      If you have concerns that need to be talked with a coach about, wait at least 24 hours after a game to discuss. Playing time is not a discussable concern.

      Parent Signature: __________________________________________________ Date: ____________