• 5th Grade Lesson 1: Ukulele

    Posted by Jenna Tackaberry on 3/18/2020 12:45:00 PM

    Here is a short video on the parts and history of the Ukulele! Please watch! 

    After watching this video of me please watch the "Making of Ukuleles" video as well!

    Ukulele Parts and History

    Making of Ukuleles


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  • 3-4 Grade Lesson 1

    Posted by Jenna Tackaberry on 3/18/2020 12:00:00 PM

    Here is a pdf of all of the Recorder Karate music. Please continue practicing which belt you are on (most of you are on white). When you are ready to test you can email me or send me a video on teams of you playing the song. I will let you know if you can continue on to the next color belt music.

    Remember you must pass each belt in order, you cannot skip colors!

    I will make sure to keep track of which belts you have passed so I can give you your belts when we come back! 

    Here is the music! Get to practicing! 

    Recorder Karate Music

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  • K-2 Week 1 Lesson

    Posted by Jenna Tackaberry on 3/18/2020 12:00:00 PM

    Hey Kindergartners, first graders, and 2nd graders! I hope you are all staying healthy. 

    Here is a short lesson reviewing a meter of 3! Sing along with me as I play our "Hello" song and enjoy the book "Monkey- C 1, 2, 3"!! 

    Click on the link below to play video!

    Week 1 Lesson: 

    K-2 Lesson 1


    Keep checking back each week for more posts!

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