Counselor and student talking

Need to talk?

  • You can request to speak with a counselor anytime during school hours Monday - Friday from 7:10 - 2:15. Click the link below to make a request.

  • When you are not at school and are experiencing a medical/mental health emergency, please call 911, use the Say Something app (found under Quick Links on the HCMS website), or contact Integrated Family Services' Mobile Crisis at 1-866-437-1821. Integrated Family Services also has an Online Chat at . These emergency services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  •  It is ok to talk to your school counselor when you need help. Students may choose to see their school counselor when they are having trouble with academics, such as struggling with organization or understanding concepts. Often times, students talk to us about conflicts with their friends or other classmates, teachers, or family. Whatever the problem is, we are here to help you find your way to a solution! 


    Mrs. Miles is the counselor for 6th grade students with the last names starting with K - Z and 7th grade.

    Ms. Jones is the counselor for 6th grade students with the last names starting with A - J and 8th grade. 

    If you would rather talk to the counselor that is not assigned to you, that is ok! We are here to help ALL students any way that we can.


    ****When you talk to a school counselor, always remember that everything that we talk about is confidential EXCEPT when: 

    1. You talk about hurting yourself.

    2. You talk about hurting others.

    3. You talk about someone hurting you.

    If you talk about any of these three things, we have to contact the appropriate people so that we can get the help that you may need.