160 Dixon School Road

    Holly Ridge, NC 28445

    Phone (910) 347-2958 Fax (910) 347-3932

    CEEB School Code 341892


    Steve Clarke, Principal

    Kadren Davis, Assistant Principal

    Amanda Meeks, Assistant Principal                                                                                

    Marc Hart, Counselor

    Yulissa Balsamo, Counselor


    Dixon is a comprehensive four-year high school accredited by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.  We serve approximately 900 students in grades 9-12 on a block (4/4) schedule and dual semester system.  Students have four 90 minute periods daily and are eligible to earn 8 credits per year.  Our student population consists of several rural communities with various socio-economic, cultural and educational backgrounds.



    All students must choose and follow the specific course requirements for the NC Course of Study requirements for Future Ready Core.


    English                           4 units

    Social Studies                 4 units (World History, Civics/Economics, American History I, American History II)

    Science                          3 units (Earth/Environmental, Biology, and a physical science)

    Math                              4 units (Math I, II, & III and an advanced math)

    Health/PE                       1 unit

    Electives                         6 units (includes a 4 course recommended cluster)


    NC requires a minimum of 22 credits, but students may obtain a maximum of 32 credits on campus.


    GRADING SCALE                                                                                        

    A          90-100                                                                  

    B          80-89                                                                

    C          70-79                                                                

    D          60-69                                                                

    F          Below 60      


    GRADUATE SURVEY 2018-2019    

    Diploma Graduates: 216

    4-year school plans: 25%

    2-year school plans: 38%

    Military/Work: 14%                                                                                             


    HONORS COURSES                                                                                              

    English 9-12 H                                       World History H                                       

    Civics/Economics H                                 American History I & II H                        

    Spanish III H & IV H                               Earth/Environmental H                            

    Chemistry H                                           Band III H & IV H                                   

    Biology H                                               Physics H                                               

    Math II H                                               Health Science I & II H                            

    Math III H                                              Art III H & IV H        

    Advanced Functions & Modeling H             Vocal Music III H & IV H   

    PreCalculus H  



    AP US History

    AP Calculus

    AP English III

    AP English IV

    AP Psychology

    AP Biology                   


    *Additional AP and weighted courses available thru NCVPS, Onslow Virtual Academy and Coastal Carolina Community College