•              1:1 Device Troubleshooting Tips from the Director of Onslow County Virtual Programs:

    Below are a few quick tips to try when you are experiencing tech issues with your 1:1 device. I can tell you these steps do fix the majority of the problems.

    If you are having technical issues with screens not loading or videos not playing, etc... We ask that you use the steps below to try and fix your issue before calling support or bringing your laptop to your school for support. Most of the issues have be resolved when students perform the steps below.

    1) Clear cache/search history in browser. If that does not work go to step 2. This should be done daily to prevent buffering.

    2) Switch browser (either Google chrome or Internet Explorer) works best. If that does not work go to step 3.

    3) Close all tabs, save all work and power off computer. Do not select restart, select shut down. Allow computer to power off and stay off for about 1 minute. Turn back on computer and login. When working on assignment try to only have the needed tabs open. Multiple tabs open can cause buffering. So close unnecessary tabs. If that does not work go to step 4

    4) Sometimes the issue is the computer needs an update. So go to the nearest Onslow County School, sit in the parking lot and power on the laptop. Allow it to connect to our server and sit for about 15 minutes. You will not see anything happening because the updates load in the background. This is a good idea to do this about every 1-2 weeks. Updates to the computers only occur on our networks.

    5) If possible, try a non Onslow County School computer. If the site loads and all runs fine, then mostly likely, it is an issue with either the computer or filters. Bring the computer to a drop off repair station.

    Tech Support- 910-989-2101

    Student 1:1 Drop-Off Locations:

    Dixon Elem

    Hunters Creek Elem

    Jacksonville High

    Northside High

    Richlands Elem

    Southwest High

    Swansboro High