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    Global Fact of the Day:

    Today is National Hug Your Cat Day! “Ancient Egyptians worshipped, revered, and spoiled their cats. They were seen as symbols of grace and poise – traits cats are still associated with today.”

    ·       Rate the Most Huggable Cat out of 5 cat breeds activity (see below)

    ·       If you have a cat, post a picture on our Facebook page or send a pic to Mrs. Dalimonte - (does not even need to be a real cat either - can be a stuffed animal or even someone dressed as a cat who you know/been around – can also be a social distant hug - get creative!)  cathy.dalimonte@onslow.k12.nc.us

    Mrs. Dalimonte will award the Dojo points for the above completed tasks.

    Send CFIE staff members who you want to send a virtual hug to and along with it, write why that staff member is special to you! If you need a list of staff, check out our website for names! Staff receiving the hug and comment can give that student a dojo point.  The virtual hug can be a gif; emoji; a picture of you with arms out for a hug; or this (((((HUGS)))))


    Which breed of cat do you think is most huggable?

    Rate the cats pictured from the most huggable cat to least huggable (pictures are not in any order). We chose 5 cat breeds because the number 5 is the lucky number linked to cats! Write the breed type by each number (can do on a separate sheet of paper)

    1.       Most Huggable 

    2.       Somewhat Huggable

    3.       Does not really seem to care if you hug or not  

    4.       Does not like to be hugged -could possibly hiss at you

    5.       Least Huggable – could have claws out and hiss at you



    Share how you determined your rating?

    Did you research the cats? Did you make your choices on how they look? Did you use prior experience with a type of breed?

          Is your rating based on facts or opinions?