Reading Questions about the Book You Are Reading

  • Here are some questions you can choose from to help you think about what you are reading. Determine what kind of text you are reading, then choose 3 of the questions to answer about what you have read! Let's keep those READING SKILLS SHINING BRIGHT!

    Read 15 – 30 minutes – answer 3 questions from Challenging Questions sheet


    What is the selection mainly about?
    Why is this topic important?
    What are some of the most important ideas related to this topic?
    How has the author made it easy for the reader to find information?
    Why did the author most likely write this text?
    What does the title tell you about this text?
    What information is provided through graphic features (illustrations; maps; charts; diagrams; photographs, etc)
    What information is provided through text features? (bold print, key words,italics, captions, labels,, etc)
    How does this (chart, illustration, map, etc) help the reader?
    How can the reader tell the author's purpose was ______________?
    What details are important to the main idea of the selection?
    Which sentence from the text best supports the idea that ______________?
    What can you tell from the text?
    TIP: Always ask "How do you know?" and follow up with a discussion with someone/self- reflection!


    How is this story like any other story you know?
    How is the setting (time and place) important to the story?
    How did the author show the passing of time?
    What words did the author use to describe the place?
    How dies the season or time affect the characters or the plot of the story?
    Who is the most important character?
    How does the author tell us about the characters? (Hint: Look at what the character does, thinks, says, and what others say about the character?
    Which character changed in the story? How did he/she change?
    What is the author's message?
    Why did the author most likely write this story?
    What is this story mostly about?
    What do the illustrations add to the story?
    What was the most important problem in the story?
    What clues did the author give to help the reader predict the ending?
    What lesson does this story teach about life?
    What can you tell about this character?
    What two or three sentences summarize the whole story?
    What are some interesting words, phrases, or sentences?
    What words help create a feeling or picture in your mind?
    What did the author have to know to write this book?
    What did the author do to interest the reader to read it or continue to read it?