OCS Return-to-Athletics Plan

  • OCS believes athletic programs provide our student-athletes an environment which encourages the attainment of both physical skills and strong character development. We feel strongly that physical activity and athletic competition supports our students’ physical, emotional, and mental well-being. As we look at reopening athletics, the health and safety of our student-athletes and coaching staff is the school system’s highest priority. To ensure we are providing a safe and healthy environment for practices and competitions, OCS will be following the three-phase guidance provided by the NCHSAA and will use that as our framework for any athletic decision making.

    The NCHSAA announced schools across the state may begin summer workouts when the current dead period is lifted June 15. To allow schools time to gather appropriate PPE, develop safety plans and solidify their processes and procedures, OCS will not be starting any summer workouts until at least Monday, June 22. These are voluntary sessions for teams and athletes, and individual schools will decide if they wish to begin on June 22 or wait until July 6.

    Since our student-athletes have been out of school since mid-March, there may be an increased need for pre-season-type conditioning to prepare for a return to regular practice and competition. To address this concern, during Phase One of summer workouts, activities will be limited to conditioning, aerobic exercise, and strength training (running, jumping, sprinting, push-ups, sit-ups, etc.). These workout sessions will be limited to no more than 90 minutes, and student-athletes may participate in only one session per day.

    Prior to participating in any summer workouts, student-athletes will need a completed OCS Athletic Participation Form, OCS Athletic Waiver and Release of Liability, NCHSAA Initial Screening Questions for Students to Participate in Athletic Activity During COVID-19 and provide an updated OCS 2020-21 Medical History Questionnaire. These forms have been posted below.

    The following guidelines will apply to ALL teams, coaches, and OCS campuses throughout Phase One of summer workouts:

    • All participants must be screened by trained personnel each day (temperature check and screening questions) for COVID-19 symptoms PRIOR to participation.
    • No indoor workouts or activities – all activities MUST be conducted outside.
    • Social distancing of at least 6 feet must be observed at all times.
    • Groups will be limited to no more than 20 in any one athletic venue (stadium, court, practice field, etc.).
    • No sport-specific equipment used, nor sport-specific training (no balls, bats, gloves, sticks and no throwing, passing, shooting, kicking, etc.).
    • No body-to-body or person-to-person contact activities allowed.
    • No sharing of towels or personal equipment by players or coaches.
    • Each player and coach must have their own water bottle (no use of water troughs, water buffalos, nor mass hydration devices/stations).
    • Locker rooms will not be open for use, so student-athletes will be expected to come prepared for workouts and to leave campus as soon as possible following the conclusion of a session.

    Our schools will be focusing on keeping our facilities clean, sharing good hygiene and hand-washing practices, and promoting social distancing. Should a student-athlete or coach test positive for COVID-19, all members of that grouping and those who have had contact with the individual should stay at home for 14 days, unless they have a negative COVID-19 test. The school will notify the Onslow County Health Department, and they will follow up with any required contact tracing. To resume workouts, a student-athlete or coach, must meet each of the following criteria:

    • No fever for 72 hours without fever reducing medications since recovery.
    • Resolution of any respiratory symptoms.
    • At least 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared.
    • A note of clearance from a licensed medical provider.

    “OCS is committed to the health and well-being of our student-athletes and coaching staff. Even though OCS will begin allowing summer athletic workouts on June 22, we know not every coach, or student-athlete, will be ready to start at that time. Regardless of when they begin, summer workouts are completely voluntary, and there will be no penalty for athletes who cannot, or do not feel comfortable attending. A return to athletic practices and competitions signals a return to what we know as normal. Our community is ready to see our teams get back on the fields and courts. We appreciate their support and want everyone to understand our schools are working to make sure we are providing our student-athletes and coaching staff with the safest and healthiest environment for these summer workouts.” - OCS Coordinator of Athletics Greg Grantham

Required Athletic Participation Forms - Summer 2020

  • Prior to any athletic participation, the forms below must be filled out completely and signed by both the parent and the student athlete.