• Onslow County Schools Printing Services has three full-time employees.

    Printing Services has the most up-to-date and most comprehensive copier technology of any civilian facility in Onslow County with a fully integrated and networked color/high speed black and white system.  This system offers remote job submission capability from all school and central office sites.

    In terms of production output, Onslow County Schools Printing Services is the largest civilian printing facility in Onslow County, producing over 13,000,000 units in Fiscal Year 16-17. (one unit equals one 8-1/2X11 sheet of paper printed on one side)

    Printing Services processed over 1,500 individual jobs in FY 16-17.  Produces an average of approximately 1,087,000 units per month on a year round basis.  This total is approximately 82% copier work and 18% offset press work.

    Along with printing documents, Printing Services also folds, laminates, GBC binds, stuffs and seals envelopes, collates and pads.

    During the 2016-2017 fascal year, Printing Services produced over 30,700 OCS Student Code of Conduct; over 29,700 Federal (impact aid) Cards; printed over 151,500 envelopes; approximately 185,400 booklets to include assessments, sports and concert programs, theatrical/musical programs, etc., and produced over 16,500 hot bound books.