Class Supplies

Supply List
  • Items needed:

    2 3-subject notebooks 

    1 pack block/cap eraser 

    2 packs colored pencils 

    3 marble  composition books 

    2 packs dry erase markers 

    3 folder with prongs 

    3 folder without prongs 3-hole punch 

    2 packs glue sticks 

    2 highlighters of different colors 

    1 zipper pencil pouch with 3-hole punch 

    1 pencil sharpener with shaving catcher 

    2 packs pencils (pre-sharpened preferred) 


    ruler with inches and centimeters 

    2 pair scissors 

    1 pack sticky notes 

    2 boxes tissues 

    1 bookbag (without wheels) 

    1 3-ring binder with pockets 

    1 pair headphones/ear buds 


    Water bottle 

    Wireless mouse 

    Laptop case or bookbag with laptop compartment


  •  Items to placed inside student pencil pouches:

    12 Colored pencils 

    6” ruler (given in their water bottle gift) 

    Pen (given in their water bottle gift) 

    6 sharpened/mechanical pencils (1 given in their water bottle gift) 


    2 glue sticks 


    Dry eraser marker (given in their water bottle gift) 

    Dry eraser marker eraser (given in their water bottle gift) 

    Sticky notes (given in their water bottle gift) 

    Block eraser (given in their water bottle gift) 

    Pencil sharpener with catcher 



    Centimeter graph paper

    Baby wipes 

    Card stock (any color)

    Clorox Disinfecting Wipes 

    Colored copy paper 

    Dry erase markers 

    Erasers (block or cap)

    Glue sticks 

    Index cards 

    Liquid glue 

    Magic erasers 

    Page protectors (heavy duty) 

    Painter's tape 

    Paper towels 




    Zip top bags (S/L) 

  • If you have any questions, please contact me via email HERE

    Thank you for your support!