• Nickashie Hardware Greetings Parents!

    Welcome to English III/Hons.III/Creative Writing. It is an honor and a pleasure to teach this year's cohort and I am so looking forward to meeting your student and getting to know your family. The last three years been momentous years for our children. I know we will all look back and speak of this time period with awe and disbelief, but for now we are living it and it is my hope that I can do my part to prepare students for the world they will inherit: a world filled with unexpected challenges but also, unexpected joys!

    I am looking forward to meeting you in person at open house. I have also attached a  video just in case you are unable to make it on Thursday, 8/25 (please click the link below).

    I love teaching and I thrive on seeing students use knowledge to change their behavior positively and make wise choices. I also love those important connections that I make with families and so I am looking forward to making those connections with you. 

    Please complete the parent survey (link below)so that I may have the most up-to-date contact details for you.

    I am looking forward to a momentous semester!

    As we say in Jamaica, 'walk good!'

    Parent Survey

    Welcome Video