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    Important Dates:

    10/26: Science Benchmark A cohort

    10/29: Science Benchmark B cohort 

    11/2: All fifth grade students return 4 days a week

    • Starting on Monday all fifth grade students will return to school 4 days a week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. 


    • Lunch Changes: October 13 will be Chicken Fajita Taco, October 15 will be Chicken and gravy with rice, October 26 will be Nachos with cheese. 
    • If you have not signed up for a conference please use this link to do so. If the available times will not work then please let me know and we can set a time up. 
    • Please take the time to fill out this Title One Survey for our school. Normally this would be sent home but with being virtual the school felt this would be best. 
    • If you have not paid school fees please use the information on the school website to do so. If your student still owes fees you received a note letting you know in your students report cards. 
    • The fifth grade will be using November the 6th as a day to get outside, review, and experiment with some of the skills that we have learned this year in an exciting way. I am asking for this day that each student brings in one of the tiny pumpkins that you can find at the store. We will be weighing them and doing more fun math and science activities with them. We are asking for the small tiny pumpkins that fit into one hand, nothing very large. Students can start bringing these to school on Nov 2 if they would like, but please do not send these in before that day. 

    School Arrival Update: As we continue to welcome more students back for 4 day weeks, we anticipate our walker and car rider lines will increase. Our general staggered times from the beginning of the year had walkers being health screened at 7:30; buses at 7:40; car riders at 7:50. As we now have a better picture of arrival, we are still getting our walkers screened at 7:30, and as soon as that line is gone on the car rider side, we have been starting to do the car rider line with the buses around 7:35-7:40.  Please know that we are unloading as fast as we can and it will go faster if your child is ready with his/her mask on and school belongings ready when we open the door. All car riders are to be dropped off by our breezeway, waiting for staff to open doors. Please do not let students get out of your car on the road or on their own - this makes for unsafe conditions and does not follow our health screening protocols of screening car riders in the car- please wait for staff to healthscreen and open the car door. If your child is a walker, please remind them to use the sidewalks and not crossing through the grass. While our custodians try to treat ant hills, they are popping up faster than can be treated and we want all to be safe from being bitten by ants. Please also stress the importance of crossing where the crossing guards are located. Thank you for your continued flexibility and know as we continue to increase the number of students on campus, our screening times may fluctuate by a few minutes, but we will do the health screenings as fast as we can to get our students in the building.

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  • Pleasebe sure that all students are completing their virtual assignments. This is important not only for grading and attendence but also for students to progress through content. If they are not completing assignments at home then they will be behind when they return to school. Please reach out via email if you have any questions.