• Grading Policy/ Explanation

    Report card grades will be determined from online as well as traditional paper/pencil assignments and assessments. This includes assignments completed in class and remotely. Report cards will be issued every nine weeks, and Interim Reports will be sent home midway through each grading period. If, at any time, you have a question or concern about your child’s progress, please contact me through Dojo. Conferences can be held via phone.

     Missing work is graded as a zero. Any missing classwork will be noted through Dojo each week. Please remember you and your child can check on the completion of classwork at any time through PowerSchool. Students may turn in missing work within one week of the original due date to receive credit. This due date will be strictly adhered to. After one week, work will not be accepted. When a student is absent a due date (with adequate time) will be provided and enforced.


  • Homework Policy and Expectations

    Homework will look different this year. It will be an evaluation of student comprehension and understanding. Students will have some type of response-based task on that day’s skills taught. It may be virtual or paper and pencil depending on if your child was in school or virtual that day. These tasks are imperative for recognizing student needs and achievements. Homework is expected to be completed on the day it is assigned.