Grading Policy/ Explanation

    Report card grades will be determined from online as well as traditional paper/pencil assignments and assessments. Report cards will be issued every nine weeks, and Interim Reports will be sent home midway through each grading period. If, at any time, you have a question or concern about your child’s progress, please contact me. 

    Missing work is graded as a zero. Any missing classwork will be noted through Tuesday folders as well as in Power School. Please remember you and your child can check on the completion of classwork at any time through PowerSchool. Students may turn in missing work within one week of the original due date to receive credit. This due date will be strictly adhered to. After one week, work will not be accepted. When a student is absent a due date (with adequate time) will be provided and enforced.



    In our classroom we will focus on appropriate behaviors and offer students positive recognition. My goal is to help students become responsible for their own behavior choices. The classroom expectations can be found below. Please review these with your child and remember that these ​expectations will only be as important to your child as they are to you. Your support of classroom expectations will help make Southwest Elementary a better learning environment for all students.


    Classroom Expectations:

    1. Positive attitude
    2. Own your actions
    3. Never give up
    4. You are limitless

    Any student who has a repeated minor, moderate, or serious infraction will have written documentation in Educator’s Handbook, which is our schoolwide discipline tracking system.  Three minor write ups for the same offense will be an office referral.   Parent contact will be made for each infraction.  Contact may be made via note, dojo, phone call or conference if necessary.

    Please refer to the SWE Student Handbook for further information regarding school behavioral expectations. The school wide behavior matrix can be found in the back.          


    Homework Policy 

    Homework is an important component in our education program. It reinforces concepts taught in school and provides valuable practice of needed skills. A homework packet will be assigned each Monday and due on Friday. You will also be able to find homework listed weekly on my webpage.  Homework will be checked each Friday, missing or incomplete assignments marked in the agenda or a message sent in Class Dojo.  Students will be expected to make up any assignments not completed. These should be turned in as soon as possible to receive credit. Please review your child's agenda each evening for possible announcements.