• Beethoven with Mask

  • With adequate masks and social distance, we can still make music together!  The OCS guidance for new safety precautions for Orchestra is:

    • Playing: Students should sit 6 ft apart to play.
    • Instructional Focus:  No need to have focus on concerts or other programs in the same space, as this will not be possible at this time.  Teachers should plan all lessons focused on technical/skill building for individual students.
    • Masks:  Masks should be worn at all times during class.
    • Equipment:  Students should not share ANY equipment that has not been sanitized according to the CDC/NCDHHS guidelines.

    At Swansboro Middle School, our focus will shift a little bit away from concert preparation and more towards growth in individual technique, music theory, music history, and cultural relevancy.  We will still prepare for concerts in hopes that restrictions will be lifted and allow our traditional performance opportunities.  The published concert dates will be tentative pending policy updates.  Otherwise, I'll try to find some non-traditional ways to showcase student work.  At any rate, we will be growing young musicians at Swansboro Middle School, and I'm excited about the unique opportunites that we'll have this year.  Please contact me with any questions or concerns (kimberly.zimmerman@onslow.k12.nc.us) 

    To reduce the need for shared instruments, violin, viola, AND CELLO students should bring their instruments to and from school every day.  We have enough basses to assign each bass student their own school instrument without the need to share.  Because of greater distancing on the bus, cello students are now permitted to sit next to their instrument on the bus!