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          Welcome to 5th Grade at Blue Creek Elementary School! We are extremely excited about the 2022-2023 school year. We know it is important to develop a strong partnership with each child’s family to ensure their success. Through our persistent effort and use of research-based strategies, we are confident it is going to be a wonderful school year with many opportunities for students to MAKE THEIR MARK! Below you will find the policies all 5th grade teachers will be implementing.   Individual classroom policies may also be sent home. 


    Classroom Expectations: The 5th Grade Team will use the 7 Habits from The Leader in Me and conduct expectations from our PBIS matrix to promote and monitor positive behaviors.  Individual classrooms will establish and post specific rules with the students the first week of school. The PBIS matrix will be posted in all classrooms and will be explicitly taught and reviewed. PBIS Rewards is an online program that we will use to communicate with parents regarding student behavior and general school information. More information will follow.  


    Text BoxAgenda/AVID Binder: Every child will manage an agenda in which he/she will record each day’s homework, important dates, announcements, goals, accomplishments, etc. This agenda will be kept in the AVID binder. We ask that you sign your child’s agenda every evening confirming that all schoolwork has been completed and that you have read announcements and/or comments that might be included 


    Text BoxStudent Work: Graded work will be sent home in a weekly folder every Tuesday unless otherwise specified. We ask that you review the graded assignments, sign the folder, and return the folder to school with your child the following day.  

    Text BoxHomework: Homework might include unfinished classwork, independent reading, word study assignments, math practice, etc. Homework is due the day after it is assigned unless otherwise specified. Individual teachers will communicate details specific to their subject area. 

    Grades: Onslow County uses a 10-point grading scale:  100-90 A, 89-80 B, 79-70 C 69-60 D, <59 F With this in mind, if an assignment is not submitted, we are unable to grade the work. Work that is not turned in within 10 days of the original due date will result in a zero. If a student is absent, they will be allowed the same number of days to make up missing assignments. We encourage parents to check their child’s grades using Parent Portal on a regular basis. Students will also be instructed on the steps to look up their grades in PowerSchool using the information included on their log in sheet. Setting aside a few minutes each week to review the information with your student will be an opportunity for productive communication with your child and help keep you informed as the school year progresses.  


    AVID is an organizational framework that is utilized throughout OCSEach grade builds upon the next by helping students become college and career readyAs 5th graders, the students will be keeping an organized AVID binder, recording assignments in their agendas, taking 2 and 3 column notes, and organizing and reflecting on their personal academic data. The AVID binder will include your child’s agenda, classroom information, and graded work. In the classroom, students will learn various strategies that focus on high expectations and rigor.  


    Text BoxSnacks: Students are encouraged to bring a healthy snack to eat in the classroom. Students may also keep a water bottle in class. Other beverages will not be allowed in the classroom. 

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    Text BoxTechnology: OCS 5th graders will receive a 1:1 laptop to use in the classroom and at home. Please ensure that you have signed the Internet and publication permission slip so that your child will be able to receive their device in a timely mannerThere is a $25.00 technology fee that is required. If the fee is not paid your child will have access to a laptop to use in the classroom. However, they will not be allowed to take the laptop home. Remember the devices are for school-related assignments, projects, etc. The devices are not for personal use: games, online bullying, inappropriate web searches, etc.  


    Encore Classes: Fifth graders will have a daily Encore Class from 12:55 – 1:55 p.m. this year. Your child’s teacher will communicate the specific schedule for their homeroom.  


    Parent Contact Information: It is extremely important that we always have current parent contact information. There will be times throughout the school year that your teacher may need to contact you immediately, so please notify him/her if any information changes. 


    Transportation: If there is a change in your child’s transportation, a note must be sent in with your child or faxed to the school. Please include the date and address where the student should be dropped off by the bus driver. Phone calls will not be accepted for transportation changes. Also, students may not be checked out after 1:50p.m.  

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