• Dear parents, 

    I am going to include a list of a few things to work on for our three remote learning days this week.  They will be very simple. Our remote days will become much more specific as we get our lap tops and begin our curriculumn.  


    So for this week, this is what I would like students to focus on ....


    1. Set up a personal workspace. Find a place in your house where you can set up a desk area. Include paper, pencils, highlighter, crayons or any school tools that you might need. If we are doing a live class, you are not going to be able to get up and hunt down items.  This would be a good place to keep your bookbag so you can access your notebooks and text books. This area such be a quiet zone. If we are live, other students should not be able to hear your television, brothers and sisters, friends, pets, etc. There should be no distractions in this area because it will not only distract you, but everyone else in the classroom and on-line. You could even make a "Do Not Disturb. Live Learning in Process" sign if you would like. Hang this on your door to let everyone know you are in a quiet zone. We would love to see the space you created! If you would like to share, take a picture and bring it in your All About Me Bag or email it to me.  


    2. Go to the school website and watch the 3rd grade orientation video.  Watch this video with your parent. 


    3. Check out our class schedule.  You will find the link to this schedule on my homepage. Make sure you look at what days you will need to wear appropriate shoes for PE. You will have a calendar in your binder with the A-G days labeled.  We have an early lunch, so you will want to bring an afternoon snack. 


    4.  Blended Learning Expectations  Read through the remote learning expectations with your family. 


    5.  Welcome to 3rd Grade  If you have a printer, you may print off and complete.  You also may complete it on paper in one of your notebooks if you can not print it.  Bring this with you on your next day of school. 


    6. Check this site each day just to make sure there are no new assignments posted. Email me if you have any questions!!