• "Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things."-Stephen Covey 


    My behavior management philosophy is to look for the good in every student every day. No one is perfect all of the time (even adults). But, everyone has something good inside of them to offer. So, I try to recognize and reinforce that as much as possible with my students-to point it out so that they, too, see the good in themselves and others. My goal is to not simply manage my students or classroom, but to create a culture in which leaders emerge.

    Having stated that, students are expected to follow the 8 Habits of the Leader In Me program at school. This means there are rewards to be earned for behaving well and consequences for actions that should not have taken place.

    We decide on official class rules together and post them in the classroom. When students are setting a great leadership example for their classmates, they get to clip up. However, if they make poor choices, then the consequences can be found in the picture on this page. Behaviors that result in a minor or major incident report will be logged in Educator's Handbook. As long as a student does not exhibit extreme or repeated behaviors, then they may get the opportunity to clip back up when their choices improve.

    We also have a classroom economy reward system using play coins that students may earn each day and spend on prizes each Friday. I sometimes use small pieces of candy (think: an individual Smartie or Skittle) to incentivize class participation in the afternoons. (If you would prefer your child not have candy or gum during the school year, please let me know via private message on Dojo.)

    Please have students refrain from bringing toys, phones, or Smart Watches to school (unless otherwise noted). These serve as enormous distractions in class. Thank you!