• We will have a snack time each day. Please send in a nutritious dry snack (no juices).

    Students may have water bottles for breaks throughout the day. They may not stay on desks (unless accompanied by a doctor note). Please keep water bottles in a separate backpack compartment than laptops.

    Laptops and chargers are usually distributed by the second week of school. 

    Keeping a change of clothing (undies, shirt, bottoms, socks) at school is encouraged. Accidents and spills happen sometimes for this age group and being proactive is always a good thing! Also, our classroom tends to either be very cool or very warm. Dressing in easily manageable layers is a good idea.

    Students will have a take-home folder (most likely yellow) in which their planner and homework will travel each day. Please sign the planner indicating that you have seen the behavior color/note for the day. I ask very sincerely to please have your child treat the planner with care since students are only allotted one per school year.