Here is the Remote Learning Plan that you follow if a quarantine is necessary: 

    • Use this link for video supports for your child's learning: 


    • Use the information inside of your child's Daily 7 Habits Folder to give you ideas on how to help your child practice Kindergarten skills at home.  We will be including Choice Boards and other resources for you to use. In addition, here is more that you can use to provide consistency and structure to your child's learning at home: 

     FYI:  The Let's Find Out Link is no longer active since I have moved to Coastal Elementary, so you will not be able to access that site. 

    • iReady Workbook- Complete pages for the Unit of the Week
    • Practice Math skills in different ways around your home by giving students real world/hands on problems to solve.  You can also have them practice setting up an equation and solving it by giving them a word problem to solve.  
      For example:  Mom went to the grocery store and bought 9 apples.  Susie ate 5 of the apples.  How many apples did mom have left? 
      Tommy had 7 toy cars.  He let his sister Beth play with 2 of the cars.  How many cars did Tommy have left?  
      We will be practicing this in class, so this will not be a new concept for them.  We just want to get them used to hearing a word problem and being able to set it up independently and then solve it.  We encourage them to draw dots and then take dots away to give them a visual.  They can also use Cheerios, toothpicks or any other hands on manipulative to help them solve the problem.
    • Practice writing numbers 1-20 (out of sequence and without a model) using the correct formation and have them make sets to match the numbers. 
    Sight Words - 
    Continue to work on sight word recognition using the new sight word list.  Also have them practice reading the words in context using the sight word sentences. There are great videos in the link above that can help! 
    Writing -
    • Practice writing letters (upper/lowercase) out of sequence and without a model using correct letter formation.
    • Write sentences using your sight words.