• November 2, 2020

    Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind

    habit 2

    Today, we are going to focus on consequences. There are usually both positive (good) and negative (bad) consequences to every choice we make.  If you think ahead about the consequences of your choice before you act, chances are you will make a positive choice.

    In you LIM workbook, do pages 26-27 "Consider Consequences". Below is the link to view the lesson from the LIM website.  Complete in your workbook.

    Consider Consequences

     On a seperate sheet of paper, write down one positive and one negative consequence for each of the 9 items below. Once finished, put the paper in your workbook.

    1. A classmate dares you to trip another student. What would happen if you do it?

    2. You have a test tomorrow, but you get invited to play video games at a friend's house.  What would happen if you choose to study?

    3. A classmate wants to copy your homework. What would happen if you let him?

    4. You and a friend walk into the cafeteria together, and there is only one seat left at the table where you want to sit.  What would happen if you choose to sit there?

    5. The teacher has a bowl of candy on her desk, and she leaves the room for a minute.  What would happen if you took some?

    6. Your best friend tells you you shouldn't hang out with another friend anymore. What would happen if you choose to still hang out with the other friend anyway?

    7. Your parents send you to school with money for milk. What would happen if you choose to spend it on ice cream instead?

    8. Your friends want to watch a TV show, but you know that you are not allowed to watch it because it's inappropriate. What would happen if you told your friends you didn't want to watch it?

    9. You go to a sleepover at your friend's house, and you feel like you want to go home in the middle of the night. What would happen if you asked to go home?


    Listen to the story "What Were You Thinking" by Bryan Smith.  Pay attention to the 4 steps you can take in helping you think ahead about consequences and making a good choice. 

    "What Were You Thinking"




    Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind

    Watch the video on "How to Set Goals".

    How to Set Goals

    Clear Expectations. It is very important for leaders to have clear expectations so they know what to do and can do a good job. In your LIM workbook, do pages 24-23. Here is the link to the lesson on the LIM website.

    Clear Expectations

    Check out this puzzle called "Connect-O". Make sure you read the directions very carefully.  Understand the letters can be used over and over again and you can make words in all directions. How many words can you find? Can you find the 14 letter word? Let me know if you do!