• Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind

    Watch the YouTube video, "How to Set Goals". 

    How to Set Goals

    Goal setting is an important part of Habit 2. Goals help motivate us. Goals need to be two things: specific and achievable. Do pages 26-27 in your LIM workbook. Here is the link to the lesson on the LIM website.

    Set Goals

    Watch the LIM video, "Race to the Pole".  It is a true story of two European countries racing to be the first to raise their flag at the South Pole. As you watch the video, notice how each team prepares for the race and how team work is displayed. Only one team can win the race.  What contributed to the success and to the failure of each team? How can you apply the lessons in the video as you strive to achieve your own goals?

    Race to the Pole