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    • PBIS School Wide Behavior Policy: A schoolwide celebration takes place each 9 weeks for students who meet PBIS expectations. A student who does not meet expectations will not attend the celebration and will use the time to reflect and discuss the behavior with a teacher.  Students will be given the chance to earn points daily.  Depending on the average of the points earned for each student will depend on what type of celebration will be attended such as 4 Point Celebration, 3 Point Celebration, etc.


    • Students will start at "0" each and every day.  Students will be able to earn up to 4 points daily.  The goal is go home each day witht at least 3 points.  If a student must lose PBIS points, they will have the opportunity to earn them back throughout the day.  At the end of every 9 weeks, behavior celebrations (PBIS celebration) are planned based ont he average number of PBIS points that students have earned.  There will be school-wide PBIS incentives.  Students who do not earn enough PBIS points to participate in a PBIS celebration will stay with a teacher to review rules and procedures.  We will keep track of PBIS points in their behavior calendar.  

  • Expectations

    1. Listen and follow directions.
    2. Raise your hand before speaking or leaving your seat.
    3. Respect your classmates and your teacher.
    4. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
    5. Come to class prepared and ready to do your best.

    Negative Consequences

    1st consequence: Warning

    2nd consequence: Lose an point on the ABE tracking system

    3rd consequence: Note Home or Parent Contact

    *Serious offenses will result in referral to office.


    Example of Parent Note

    Dear Parents,

    (child’s name) broke the following rules today (date) :

    ___Listen and follow directions.

    ___Raise your hand before speaking or leaving your seat.

    ___Respect your classmates and your teacher.

    ___Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

    ___Come to class prepared and ready to do your best. 

    Classroom rules must be followed in order to protect the rights of every student

    to learn and enjoy school. By choosing not to follow them, your child interfered

    with those rights.

    Please acknowledge receiving this letter by signing your name at the bottom

    and having your child return it to me tomorrow.

    Thank you for your support.


    ___________________ 5th Grade Teacher

    Parent Signature___________________________________

     Student behavior points for PBIS will be documented using the ClassDojo tracking system.