Grading Policy Update 10/1/2020

  • Hello parents and students!

    In an effort to respond to the demands and challenges of virtual learning 3 days a week, effective the week of Sept. 29, class work assignments will no longer close out every Sunday at 11:55pm. Up to this time, I have been giving students a chance to make-up late work once every progress report period with a small late grade deduction. However, in an effort to remain flexible but still hold students accountable for completing their work in a timely manner and reduce the amount of instructional time spent on make-up work, my new grading policy is as follows:

    • Digital classwork assignments and quizzes are due every Sunday at 11:55pm for the week. Paper assignment due dates vary by cohort and will be posted on the WAG.
    • In addition to an assigned iXL lesson (which is graded and needs an 80 smartscore), your child needs to complete 1 iXL lesson from their action plan (aka- recommended skills) with a smartscore of 100 each week. These will be taken as one test grade each quarter.
    • Assignments will be deducted 10% for each week it is late after the due date.
    • Tests are typically due every Sunday at 11:55pm. Tests will NOT be accepted late unless you have requested an extension for the assignment BEFORE the due date. I do make sure to give students plenty of time to complete their tests. Tests make up 40% of your student's overall ELA grade so it is important that students turn all assessments in on time. I will attempt to let parents know when we will be having a test so that you can help ensure that students are completing them in a timely manner.
    • If a student submits late work, he/she must ABSOLUTELY EMAIL ME to notify me that they submitted something late, as the platforms we use for assignments do not typical notify me of a late submission so I will not know to go update their grade if they do not let me know it has been submitted late. 


    *Parents, I need your help to ensure that your child is submitting work on their virtual days! I will NOT be using instructional time on our face-to-face days to allow students to make up work. Assignments will remain open for the entire grading period, but late work MUST be completed on their own time, not class time. Please do not wait until your child has a grade in PowerSchool to ensure they've been keeping up on their work, as grades are only updated weekly and if relying on gradebook to ensure completion, incomplete work can very quickly accumulate, leaving you and your child in an overwhelming situation trying to catch up. Assignments are posted both in the Week-At-A-Glance (WAG, found on this web page as well as Teams each week), in a Daily Virtual Learning To-Do List (found on Teams), and communicated to your child during class each day.