• Lunch Menu

    Breakfast and lunch are not free again this year. Breakfast is $1.25 and lunch is $2.50. Please be aware that money will need to be placed on your child's account.  


    Monday: Corn Dog Nuggets OR French Bread Pizza w/Marinara, Fresh Snap Peas, Black Eyed Peas, Peached Cup, Choice of Milk


    Tuesday: Chicken Tenders w/Waffle OR Fish Sandwich, Fresh Grape Tomatoes, Black Beans, Raisins, Choice of Milk


    Wednesday: Chicken Nuggets w/Roll OR Meatloaf Sandwich, Buttery Green Peas, Fresh Baby Carrots, Diced Pear Cup, Choice of Milk


    Thursday: Rib-a-que Sandwich OR Pizza, Buttery Green Beans, Buttery Sweet Carrots, Applesauce Cup, Choice of Milk


    Friday: Chicken Sandwich OR BBQ Pork Sandwich, Fresh Broccoli Snack Pack, Buttery Corn, Fresh Apple Slices, Choice of Milk