School Based Enterprise Products 2021

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  • School-Based Enterprises

    School-Based Enterprises are student-led businesses that are conducted at the school level. Students are involved in every step of the process; from creating business plans to product development and sales. OCS staff members provide students with the educational, administrative, and skill-development support needed for all to participate in this initiative.

    School-Based Enterprises provide a direct link between classroom learning and the world of work; helping prepare students for the transition from school to the post-school opportunities of adult life. For many students, their School-Based Enterprise provides them with their first work-related experience.

    Currently the following School-Based Enterprises within our middle and high school classes are ready to sell thier products to the community. Products can be purchased through School Cash Online. A link will be provided for each item posted. For item-specific questions, please contact the designated point of contact listed with each School-Based Enterprise.  


    For general questions regarding the School-Base Enterprise Initiative, please email: