• The Debaters Club (Teams Join Code zs68zg7)

    OVSS Model United Nations Club 

    We are proud to announce the 2021-22 OVSS Debaters Club!

    The Club is open to OVSS students from 8th-11th grades who would like to:

    • improve communication & public speaking skills
    • debate effectively
    • improve confidence
    • improve quick thinking skills
    • improve listening and memory skills
    • problem solve in real time
    • participate in at least one virtual Model UN this school year
    • interact with MUN students from other schools


  • The relaunch of The Debaters Club will meet Tuesdays at 3:00, starting on Tuesday, November 9th.


    Teacher Coordinators 

    • Christopher Willis 
    • Lisa Ceklosky
    • Patricia Hagan 

    For more information, email christopher.willis@onslow.k12.nc.us

    SIGN UP FORM Link:

    Debate Club Sign Up